Pitch Deck Services

Pitch deck tuneup

I’ve started up 9 companies. That means I’ve had to convince a lot of individual investors, angel investors, VC’s etc., to invest in my businesses. I’ve also mentored a bunch more FinTech’s. I know what investors want to see in a deck, and what will turn them off.

I charge US$99.99 to give you written feedback with suggested changes.  If you don’t have a deck, I recommend our partners Slidebean, they have the best deck building product on the market today and a lot of other helpful stuff to go with it.

Pitch deck (pitch meeting) coaching

Investors, Angels/VC’s/Incubators are tired, VC’s in particular. They are giving Startup Teams less time to pitch. You need to treat this as a once in a lifetime shot. I’ll help you get your pitch tight, and help you get ready for the 15+ questions they always ask.

I charge US$ 199.99 for a one-hour Zoom consultation. You can purchase multiple units.  Before having the coaching call you need to have a deck that is going to work so that you are practising on the same deck you will present to the investor/s.

Startup  Fundraising “With-The-Works” Bundle

For startups that need or want to FAST-TRACK their market entry, I’m offering 10 Teams every month the following deal:

  1. I’ll spend as much time as it takes to advise and if needed, edit your deck, if you don’t have the people or programmes to create a winning presentation.
  2. I’ll send as much time as it takes to coach you on presenting your product or service until you feel confident in your speaking skills, and 110% knowledgeable about your product or service and why it is a great solution and one that the market wants.
  3. I’ll send your deck to ten (10) angel and VC investors I know have stated that they invest in the sector that your product or services will operate in.

For the first ten (10) people every month that buy this bundle, you’ll get services worth at least US$5,000 based on my hourly rate, at a discounted price of US$ 999.

 I want to help as many Startup Founders as I can, however, after the ten slots are gone, I can only provide others with the normal Pitch Deck Tuneup and Pitch Meeting Coaching services.

Hint: If you need the help, don’t put off making a decision.